Creative Critical Reflection 4 - Post 42

 -  How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project? CCR 4 PowerPoint- Jadan Cedeno.pptx Overall, technology was an essential tool used to create my entire project. First, I needed to do extended research throughout the school year about film itself. Genres/conventions, sounds, mise en scene, and so much more. I dedicated three quarters just researching online via YouTube and Googling articles in order to gain further knowledge and add anything I needed to my final film. As for software and hardware, I didn't use my computer or laptop for editing, I only ever used my phone via mobile editing apps like Vivacut and Capcut. With that in mind, my phone uses android software development as the process for creating the apps. The hardware components established in my phone that had a helping hand in the process of filming are Wi-fi as well as camera, speaker, and microphone. Without these components, I wouldn't have been able to film my project.

Creative Critical Reflection 3 - Post 41

 -  How did your production skills develop throughout this project? CCR 3 - Jadan Cedeno.pptx Throughout this project, for my draft and final film production, I used two different mobile editing apps for my phone. For my draft, I used VivaCut and for my final I used CapCut. I transitioned because I wanted to used an editing app that doesn't include their watermark or logo in the corner throughout the whole film video, so CapCut was the best choice. Due to my past experience editing, using the new app wasn't difficult at all; very simple.  As for my skills, I can see my development when comparing my two film videos. In my draft, I just shot it by the textbook and wasn't very considerate of important factors like setting and props. I directed a film opening that can be considered as criminal/mafia, yet, the settings, props, costumes, and mise en scene in general did not fit the match. It's evident that I only went for the story but not the story-telling. I believe my came

Creative Critical Reflection 2 - Post 40

 - How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media t ext? The audience is engaged with my product by leaving them up to decide and imagine the meaning of my work. They can identify the characters and their stressful situation, and when left with a cliffhanger, they can make up their own conclusion on how the story progresses and ends. It's entirely up to their interpretation and personal taste when it comes to my story.  My product, in my opinion, would be distributed as a full-fledged film. The genre would be comedy yet dramatic, and I would have a full casting of actors for other characters. Entering a film festival would be a great start. I would also contact distribution companies and settle with the best option for my film. I personally would go for profit-sharing for distribution since I'd prefer a percentage of the profits rather than leasing and sharing a fixed amount of rights. Advertisements would be used in order to boost t

Creative Critical Reflection 1 - Post 39

- How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues? CCR 1 PowerPoint - Jadan Cedeno.pptx My product introduces the funny yet complicated relationship between siblings, a sister and brother. Usually in films, sibling relationships are represented as "tough love," and leave the rest of the film for character development for one or both siblings to make their bond towards one another stronger. Since they identify as Latino/Hispanic, I decided to go with this theme since this particular group as People Of Color (POC) tend to have harsher way of being raised. Though this can be included in all social groups, I personally went for this group because I am Latina myself, so I wanted to represent my people and bring to light what some of us go through at home that affects our relationships with other people in our lives.  I also settled with a shared dramatic situation between the two siblings to leave the door open for bonding later

Final Video - Post 38

Script - Post 37

 Here is the rough script of the film, S - sister B - brother "Do we really need to do this? I just want to stay home and sleep." - S says annoyed. "Stop complaining like a baby, we're getting paid. Now go unlock the door." - B commands irritated. (mockery) "Fine." - S exaggerated [Next Scene] "Oh, there's the letter Aunt Rose mentioned." - B "Hey guys, thank you so much for helping me with this. All you have to do is feed Onyx every six hours with two scoops of dry food and a tablespoon of wet food. Walk her every two hours or so. Also, don't leave anything she can chew on in her view. Love, Aunt Rose." - S "I found her dog!" - B yells loudly across the house. "Oh my god she's so cute! (talks in a baby voice)" - S "That's... gross. I'm going to bed, goodnight." - B says disgustingly. "Alright, me too." - S [Next Scene] (Loud scream) - S "(brother's name) wake up!

Storyboard - Post 36

Storyboard: Two siblings, a brother and sister, enter the shot via car in a still shot. The car comes closer to the screen and cuts to the two siblings, and a conversation follows with a series of over the shoulder shots. After the conversation, a track movement is utilized as we follow both siblings to the door. The scene cuts to an extreme close-up of the sister's hands unlocking the door. Then, the scene cuts to a medium close-up of the two entering the new setting. The shot is recorded in a pan movement as we follow the siblings to a part of the house where they find a note written by their aunt, Annie. She wrote a letter of instructions for her beloved dog, Onyx, which is seen in an extreme close-up for a few seconds.  As the sister reads the note aloud, the brother goes looking for the dog they'll be dog-sitting for the next 5 days as their Aunt had an important work business to attend to across the country. A series of jump cut shots appear when the sister reads the lett